About GMaP


What are the goals of the Geographical Management of Cancer Health Disparities Program (GMaP)?

  1. Advance the science of cancer health disparities in these regions.
  2. Contribute to the next generation of cancer health disparities researchers.
  3. Achieve measureable reductions in cancer health disparities in these regions.


For background about GMaP, Look at the Overview of GMaP on National Cancer Institute’s Website.

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GMaP R1 North Vision Statement

We will facilitate the collaboration of community organizations, community health educators, and academic researchers at various career stages to support work related to the reducation of cancer disparities within our region. To acomplish this in the near term, we will:

  • Faciliate communication about research findings, educational innovations, and opportunities to collaborate on new work
  • Connect trainees and early state investigators to career development and placement opportunities
  • Identify a couple of short-term projects/goals that can be accomplished within the next 11 months.
    • Combining datasets to address relevant questions related to cancer disparities across our region (considering the role of the health system, the use of evidence-based practices, access to and use of cancer prevention activities).
    • Identifying 1-2 grant mechanisms and pulling together grant-writing teams to focus on key areas that we define as priorities (consider particularly opportunities for translational research, comparative effectiveness research, prevention and early detection of breast cancer in young women.
    • Creating opportunities to further facilitate collaboration between GMaP members through the creation of shared sites/databases.
  • Use a set of group-specified metrics to assess our progress and make course adjustments as needed